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ICT Direct

Empowering Innovation with ICT Direct Europe's Digital Transformation

Embarking on a transformative journey with ICT Direct Europe, we set out to redefine their online identity, focusing on enhanced SEO, unique partner pages, easy contact functionality, and bespoke design. Our objective was to construct a digital platform that reflects the prestige and diversity of ICT Direct Europe's IT products, services, and solutions. By ensuring seamless access to information and facilitating effortless navigation, we aimed to empower businesses and public sector organisations to easily explore and procure their IT needs. The culmination of our efforts is a visually engaging and user-friendly website that acts as the gateway to ICT Direct Europe's unparalleled technology offerings, symbolising their commitment to fast delivery and expert advice across various sectors.

From Project Brief To Multi-Page Brochure Site

What We Delivered

How We Helped This Multi-Vendor Technology Provider


Enhanced SEO Strategy

Implemented advanced SEO techniques to improve visibility and search engine rankings, ensuring ICT Direct Europe's offerings are easily discoverable by businesses and public sector organisations seeking IT solutions.


Unique Partner Pages

Developed dedicated pages for each technology vendor, showcasing the depth of ICT Direct Europe's partnerships and the diverse range of products available, facilitating a tailored browsing experience.


Easy Contact Form

Introduced a simplified and intuitive contact system, enabling visitors to quickly reach out for expert advice, support, or to make inquiries, enhancing customer interaction and service accessibility.


Bespoke Website Design

Created a custom website design that embodies the professionalism and industry-leading status of ICT Direct Europe, focusing on user experience, navigational ease, and aesthetic appeal to engage users effectively.


Content Optimisation

Revitalised website content to articulate ICT Direct Europe's value proposition, services, and product portfolio clearly, incorporating targeted keywords to boost SEO and user engagement.


Mobile Responsiveness

Ensured the website is fully responsive across all devices, providing an optimal viewing experience for users on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops, thus accommodating the modern consumer's browsing habits.

What The Finished Result Looks Like

The Result

Take A Look At What We Delivered

Screenshot of ICT Direct's homepage, designed by Beyond Forge
Screenshot of ICT Direct's page, designed by Beyond Forge
Screenshot of ICT Direct's page, designed by Beyond Forge

What The Customer Wanted

The Challenge

Ways That We Could Help Provide Online Transformation

Challenge of designing a contemporary, attractive, and accessible website

Balanced SEO enhancement with user-friendly interface.

Updating a website for enhanced SEO

Overcame the complexity of integrating diverse vendor platforms smoothly.

Updating a website for enhanced SEO

Developed a user-centric contact system, balancing simplicity and functionality

Transferring content to the updated website accurately

Ensured the website's design adapted flawlessly across all types of devices


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